DC Power Distribution

Design out or remove messy, unreliable, space-consuming wall warts with universal DC Power solutions for devices like extenders, scalers, converters, and media players.  With the multi-award winning 45W and 125W DC Power Distribution, Middle Atlantic offers flexible voltage in a single form factor to provide selectable management of a multitude of devices, while freeing the install of power clutter. Building off of the success of the high flexibility DC Distribution and incorporating feedback from customers, we launched models with the same great innovative features as before but with higher power capacity including up to 300W of power and capability to support connection of 24 devices. 

Now, Middle Atlantic has a suite of products that span from the highest voltage flexibility with lower power to fixed voltages with maximum power, all with protection built in, for the most comprehensive offering of DC Distribution solutions on the market that meet the need of any installation across North America and Europe.

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